Our businesses: New Age Media Productions

-Messenger photo by Kriss Nelson
Joel Johnson, left, and wife, Aisha Johnson, pose at their business, New Age Media. Joel Johnson is holding his son, Westyn.

What is the name of your business?

New Age Media Productions

Where it is located? 1609 Central Ave.

When was it founded?

We opened our doors in 2016.

Who are the key leaders?

Joel and Alisha Johnson started and currently operate New Age Media Productions.

How many people does it employ? Just ourselves.

What products and services do you provide?

We specialize in transferring old/out-dated media. VHS (all types of video based) tapes, 8 & 16mm Film, Photos/Slides/Negatives, LP’s (records), audio cassettes, reel to reel audio, all to current viewable, and usable formats.

What are you doing differently to serve customers during the pandemic?

We really haven’t had to change our business model much at all. We have always offered pick up and delivery if a client was unable to make it to the office. We have started curbside drop off and pick up.

What is the biggest challenge your business has overcome recently?

I would say the biggest challenge our business has overcome recently would have to be being able to keep our doors open. With the uncertain times of late, its been interesting to see how our business has survived the pandemic. Without the support of the Fort Dodge community and the communities around us, continuing to show their support for our small business we surely wouldn’t have made it this far.

What is the biggest success your business has experienced recently?

Our biggest success would have to be celebrating four years in business, saving our neighbors’ and friends’ precious memories, on Aug. 10 We are so incredibly thankful and grateful to everyone who has supported us in our dream of owning our own business and trusting us with your irreplaceable memories.


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