Who’s there?

Clough answers that question with advanced security systems

-Messenger photo by Chad Thompson
Taylor Clough, owner of Who’s There Security Systems, poses with one of the cameras he installs for customers.

Taylor Clough, of Fort Dodge, doesn’t have to be home to lock his doors or see what’s going on around his property.

Through wireless security cameras, smart locks and WiFi enabled devices, Clough can monitor from a distance. He works full-time as an electrician for Vision Electric, a Des Moines-based company.

“When I’m gone I want to see who’s coming and what’s going on at the house,” said Clough, a 2013 Prairie Valley High School graduate.

And Clough wants to help others feel secure. That’s why he started Who’s There Security Systems in May.

“I really like the idea of security cams for peoples homes,” Clough said. “People are wanting to know what’s going on outside their homes. They want to feel protected and safe.”

-Messenger photo by Chad Thompson
Taylor Clough, owner of Who’s There Security Systems, demonstrates how he hooks up a wired camera system.

Clough sells wireless and wired cameras, smart locks, locking and unlocking devices.

He also installs the equipment for customers.

“Anything home security,” Clough said. “Farm or commercially.”

Two-way wireless cameras are a top seller. Clough sells one wireless camera for $250 or two cameras for $400.

Installation for those usually takes less than an hour, he said.

-Messenger photo by Chad Thompson
A wired security camera system, sold by Who’s There Security Systems, is displayed.

“Wireless cameras and smart controlled door locks — I can’t keep them in stock right now,” Clough said.

Wired camera systems, on the other hand, can cost anywhere from $800 to $1,200. A wired camera system could take a full day to install properly.

“They have a terabyte of memory,” Clough said. “Those will be pricier but they will be a better system in general. Better picture quality. Won’t lose them if the WiFi is down. You can still see what goes on.”

He said more houses are switching to WiFi enabled devices. WiFi enabled devices allow users to control lock or camera settings from a smartphone.

Clough likes using the smart lock when he has packages delivered to the house.

“That’s a huge one,” he said. If people are getting packages delivered, you can see if anyone comes. They can see if anyone walks up to it. That’s why I like those smart locks because you let them right in the door and relock it as soon as they set the package inside.”

Clough said he doesn’t even have to be in town to let someone in.

“It’s through my phone,” he said.

Clough decided in high school that he would pursue a career as an electrician.

“I knew I would be going into the construction field,” he said. “I decided to specialize in being an electrician.”

He’s been working for Vision Electric since January.

“I really enjoy it there,” he said.

His work involves installing security systems for hog barns.

During the weekend he installs security systems through his own business.

He’s spent a lot of time studying how the cameras work and the process of installation.

“Training wise, I’ve had to watch thousands of hours of how to make things work and get the bugs out of the system,” Clough said. “all the things that make it work. The system wouldn’t work extremely well if you didn’t know what you were doing.”

Clough said he has no problem coming back to help customers if needed.

“If anything goes wrong I’ll come back and fix it for free,” he said. “Most of the time it’s operator error. If anything were to fail, I’ll just completely replace it.”

Clough said his customer base is strong in Webster County, but will travel throughout the state.

“I’ll go all the way to Des Moines,” he said.

In the coming months he plans to grow the business.

“I am looking to get an installer trained, looking at getting a sales person,” Clough said. “I’m getting a trailer and looking into getting a new truck for the installer and a sales person or sales people. It’s grown faster than I can handle by myself.”


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