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-Messenger photo by Chad Thompson
Terry Cook, owner of Candies and More, poses with variety of chocolates, including turtles and truffles, at his store.

What is the full name of your business?

Candies & More. I also have my hypnosis in the back and that is Terry Cook Hypnosis.

Where is it located?

819 Central Ave.

When was it founded?

I started Candies & More May 4, 2005, and started the hypnosis in 2009.

Who are the key leaders?

Myself (Terry Cook) and if I need help, my girlfriend, Laura Crowl, will jump in and help or my family. During the holiday season I do have a retired gentleman help, also.

How many people does it


It is myself most of the time, or a retired gentleman if I am out of town.

What products and services do you provide?

I have a selection of fine chocolates, and also fresh cashews and Spanish peanuts. Also nostalgic candles. We have greeting cards, 50 cents each, and some gift items.

And I also do hypnosis in the back for weight loss, stress, stop smoking, anxiety or whatever a person needs help with.

What are you doing differently to serve customers during the pandemic?

I was closed for a lot of it, but I make sure counters are wiped down all the time. Making sure I have gloves available for customers if they would like them and I have hand sanitizer out for customers. Also not having a lot in here at one time.

What is the biggest challenge your business has overcome


Having people coming and wanting to sit around the table and chat. Just trying to keep it safe for everyone. And I do have a mask if people feel they would like me to wear it.

What is the biggest success your business has experienced recently?

I painted the outside of the building to make it look fresh and redid the display windows just trying to make it look very inviting. Also having people stop me and ask about candy, I was able to have it ready and they could come to the door and pick up.


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