New DI Trailer hits the market

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Matt Davis, owner of Davis Industries LLC., unveiled the new DI Trailer last week. The trailer features a detachable gooseneck hitch that makes it a front loading trailer.

DAYTON — With keeping safety in mind, Davis Industries LLC., of Dayton unveiled a new gooseneck trailer last week that is now available on the market.

Matt Davis, owner of Davis Industries LLC., said one of the many facets of his company has been trailer manufacturing and the new DI Trailer is the latest model to hit the marketplace.

This isn’t an ordinary gooseneck trailer, however.

“It is a detach gooseneck trailer,” said Davis. “We are the first ones to design it and are the first ones with a patent on it. There are multiple patents coming for the trailer.”

The No. 1 feature, Davis said of the trailer, is the safety it provides for those loading and unloading equipment.

“The best part about this trailer is everything is about safety,” he said. “The deck is lower to the ground, so your load is lower to the ground. You don’t have to climb up on a taller trailer. You don’t have to worry about falling off of the trailer when trying to get equipment loaded.”

By being able to load equipment closer to the ground, that allows people to get equipment on the trailer easier, Davis said.

“On a normal trailer, when you are sitting on a piece of equipment you are above the cab of the pickup. You are way up there,” he said. “Obviously, being closer to the ground is better and safer.”

This is due to the functionality of the gooseneck coming off and making it a front load trailer.

“There are no jacks. The trailer lowers to the ground, unhooks from the truck making it a front load instead of a rear load,” he said. “There are a lot more functions to this trailer than a normal gooseneck, car trailer or tilt bed trailer out there on the market.”

The lowering and raising process of the trailer is done through an electrical or hydraulic process. Davis said they offer gas over hydraulic as well.

“Basically, it’s a real simple, easy-to-use controller with up and down buttons and that is it,” he said. “The function of the neck comes off so that you are now a front load trailer where every trailer out there is a rear loaded trailer. We are the only front loaded trailer out there.”

Davis said once the trailer is loaded, it is just as simple to hook back up to the trailer as it is to unhook.

“If I want to park that trailer right now, I lower it to the ground. It comes up off the ball of the pickup and I can pull out. I can then, back underneath it, lower the trailer back onto the ball, it rises up to the right height and I can go down the road,” he said.

Davis compares his new DI Trailer to that of a semi’s drop-deck trailer or low-boy trailer.

“These are just made for pickup trucks,” he said.

Not only had Davis Industries LLC., made a trailer that allows the safety for hauling larger equipment, there is an added uniqueness with a lighter weight frame.

A lighter weight frame doesn’t take away the durability of the trailer, however.

“The average gooseneck, of a standard size of 26 foot, the average weight of that size trailer is anywhere from 8,500 to 10, 500 pounds,” said Davis. “Our trailer, that same size, same weight capacity is 6,400 pounds. Therefore you can save mileage, you can haul heavier stuff. It’s our special design of the frame that allows for the lighter weight of the trailer.”

Davis said they are currently putting their focus on the manufacturing of standard size gooseneck trailers and will eventually work on customizing the trailers, making larger sizes available.

The new DI Trailer will be available for viewing at the Farm News Ag Show, Dec. 4-5 in Fort Dodge.


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