Bringing the Mojo

DJs Jared and Katie Wingert help others make memories

-Messenger photo by Hans Madsen Jared Wingert, co-owner of Mojo Productions, poses with his trade show displays recently. Wingert has 13 DJs working for him through Iowa and does many charitable shows during the year.

BRITT — When Jared and Katie Wingert, owners of Mojo Productions, attend an event to provide the music and DJ services, they do a lot more than just play songs.

They get their Mojo going and get their Mojo on.

“You’re the master of ceremonies,” Jared Wingert said. “You’re making sure that the night is a memory.”

The Wingerts started their business in 1999.

Jared Wingert was sort of tossed into it.

-Messenger photo by Hans Madsen Katie Wingert, co-owner of Mojo Productions, DJs at an outdoor event.

“I played with a band called Spooky Mojo first,” he said. “I was at a show for Denny Wyatt and he threw me up on the DJ booth.”

Jared Wingert started out by himself then grew the business over the years since. He’s currently based in Britt.

He has 13 DJs currently doing shows, events and weddings for him all over Iowa.

In Fort Dodge, he has JD “Rocky” Rockafellow and in Goldfield Wyatt Haas.

Jared Wingert expanded the business and gained experience by doing a variety of gigs in many places.

-Messenger photo by Hans Madsen Jared Wingert, co-owner of Mojo Productions, poses with a happy couple at their wedding reception.

“I tried to work everywhere I could,” he said. “I made lots of contacts, did a few weddings here and there.”

He still draws inspiration from several people he worked with, including Bob Estle, father of his fellow band member Bob Estle, who’s honored with a set of wings in the company logo. He also learned much from Dean Vinchattle, another DJ.

“He was so interactive, so fun, so involved,” he said.

Mojo Productions keeps both him and Katie Wingert busy. They do many weddings and events through the year.

Jared Wingert is grateful for the success of their business and is a strong believer in giving back.

-Messenger photo by Hans Madsen One of the sound consoles Jared and Katie Wingert use with their shows as owners of Mojo Productions features lots of lights.

“I’m able to give back,” he said. “We constantly do charity work. We do it because we’re blessed to be in a position where we can.”

He seldomly says no.

“If there’s a benefit we’re there,” Jared Wingert said. “I’m proud of that. It feels good to give back.”

No two shows are identical.

“Each show is a little different,” he said. “We do Karaoke, class reunions, graduation parties, weddings… a little of everything.”

The Wingerts want to make sure each show they do is just right for the client.

“We like to have them call or meet in person so we know exactly what they want,” he said.

Mojo Productions is his living.

“This is my full-time job, I take it very seriously,” he said. “We’re an alcohol free, tobacco free, fully insured business.”

Jared Wingert said the area has some very talented individuals.

“There’s some very good DJs in the area,” he said. “They helped me.”