Andrews to speak at 2018 Farm News ag show

Diann Andrews, estate and succession planning specialist and owner of NextStage Legacy Advisors is bringing her expertise to the 17th annual Farm News Ag show at 3 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 5.

Andrews said her presentation, “planning is a process, not an event,” will step through the personal retirement and exit planning experiences of a farm family, identify the roadblocks to successful planning and propose various solutions for typical planning concerns.

“Attendees should expect to learn the basic information and steps needed to develop a comprehensive plan, possible solutions that might be applicable to their personal situation and that planning should not be conducted in a vacuum, but with the assistance of outside advisors and that planning is a process, not an event,” she said.

Who has the time to devote to learning and making informed decisions about retirement and exit planning?

“With my presentation, I will endeavor to break through that information and sensory overload to provide basic understanding of the components developing a plan and a few solutions to common issues,” she said. “In most cases, such planning requires a team effort to implement. I will identify the typical roles that various members of such a team play.”

Andrews owns NextStage Legacy Advisors, a premier independent fee-based financial planning firm that specializes in succession and exit planning for family businesses.

“I help business owners decide on a path to exit or transition from their business,” says Andrews. “This could include a retirement glide path, selling the business, transitioning ownership to family and more.”

Andrews said she relates to business owners and the fact that their focus tends to be on day to day activities rather than planning decisions that become increasingly important as they age and their children enter the business. She helps her clients determine:

• The optimal transition method(s) available given their goals and objectives.

• How they can generate retirement income from their business.

• Steps to assure the continuation of their operations.

• How to assure the well-being of their family in the event something happened to them.

Andrews’ presentation is sponsored by Next State Advisors.