Virtual kid classes resume at the Blanden

The Blanden Memorial Art Museum will resume art opportunities for youth starting on Oct. 17.

Classes were developed to work virtually yet have the one-on-one capability of creating a piece of art for the participants involved.

Positive customer impact

Many of the regular participants of the Blanden’s art classes have missed the atmosphere of coming to the museum to create a masterpiece of their own. Children of all ages have utilized the Blanden’s art programs to develop their art skills as well as their art appreciation for all types of artwork.

Bringing the classes back on a small level, even if virtually, helps the museum stay in the mindset of the public. The museum never really closed down, it just brought itself to a quiet pace while the pandemic continued on.

Classes resuming also helps children by providing a quality activity to do at their home, yet participating as they are online with their schoolwork.

“It’s important to maintain a presence within the community,” said Eric Anderson, director of the Blanden Memorial Art Museum. “With the uncertain times, it is important that the children have something fun and positive to do on a frequent basis.”

Virtual classes start date

The first class to be offered is “Weaving with Yarn,” inspired by Pam Sanders’ textile work, “Untitled,” currently on display in the Blanden’s West Gallery. Each registered participant will sign up at the Blanden, receive a bag with materials to create the project and instructions on how to create the work.

On the day of the class, they will log in to watch it on Facebook Live and follow along step by step with the instructor. While the class is going on, the children can ask questions of the instructor live during the hour-long class.

To register, come into the Blanden from 1 to 4 p.m. (Third Avenue South entry), mask, pay for class ($8), pick up materials bag and then wait to create on Facebook Day, Oct. 17 from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.

Bags can be picked up any time between Oct. 10, and Oct. 13-15. Class limit is 25. Ages 5-10 are welcome.

Upcoming classes are “Watercolor Still Life Painting” (Nov. 7) and “Mix Media Printmaking” (Nov. 21) from 10-11a.m.


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