CCS students continue recycling

Community Christian School students in Marsha Halbach’s fifth- and sixth-grade classroom started the year with a goal to lead the school in a recycling project.

They organized the collection of paper in each classroom and bagged, weighed and set it aside for recycling, separate from the regular garbage collection.

Last month they went on a field trip to plant trees, learned about maintaining healthy trees and conservation. On May 7, they are headed to the Butler tennis courts to clean up garbage for the Fort Dodge Parks & Rec Department. Then they will walk on to Oleson Park to pick up sticks and garbage there as well.

Their final stop will be at the Regional Recycling Center. At the Recycling Center, they will discover what happens to the paper set aside for recycling after the students collect it at CCS. They will also find out what other recycling is offered at the plant and plan to explore the options that might be available to expand their recycling efforts at CCS next school year.


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