St. Edmond student to head Iowa DECA

Nathan Montgomery, a student at St. Edmond, has been elected as president of Iowa DECA.

Montgomery previously served as the vice president of leadership and was just elected president by the Iowa DECA members on Feb. 26.

A big part of Montgomery’s campaign was stressing the importance of the experience that he already had as a state officer, and especially the leadership positions he serves outside of school. He is on student council, vice president of his class, involved in National Honor Society, and the International Culture Club.

One of Montgomery’s goals is to increase membership and get more schools to become involved in DECA, because it prepares good business-like leaders for the future. Another of his goals is to build a more personal relationship with his members so they can give him feedback on how he can improve as president.

His final goal is to communicate more efficiently with the members of Iowa DECA. He wants to create a video cast each month that would outline what state officers are doing to help engage the members to become the best they can be.

He would send out the video cast to each school that is part of DECA in Iowa. Montgomery also says serving as the president not only represents myself and my name, but St. Edmond and the Fort Dodge community as well.

Montgomery will serve in this position until next February and he can’t wait to grow Iowa DECA throughout his time in office.


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