Dig into Iowa’s Remarkable Ag History in Somers on Tuesday

SOMERS — If you eat, you have a connection to farming every day. Iowa has long been an epicenter of agricultural productivity and innovation.

Author Darcy Dougherty Maulsby from Lake City will bring stories of that productivity and innovation to life on Tuesday at the Somers Public Library during a free “Farm-to-Fork Adventures in Iowa Agriculture” program and book signing starting at 7 p.m.

“To truly understand Iowa, you have to understand the culture of agriculture–the stories of the people of the land,” said Maulsby, an Iowa native, fifth-generation farmer/business owner and author of the new book “Iowa Agriculture; Farming, Family and Food.” “In some ways, Iowa’s ag history is the greatest story never told. It’s more important than ever to rediscover this rich legacy, which influences so many aspects of daily life.”

Farming remains vital to Iowa’s economy and plays a critical role in key issues ranging from food security to conservation to water quality. Agriculture has shaped Iowa’s landscape and the rhythms of life, from the location of towns to the evolution of the world-famous Iowa State Fair to Iowa’s beloved culinary traditions like breaded pork tenderloins, sweet corn and more.

“Darcy is one of Iowa’s most engaging and enthusiastic writers,” notes The Culture Buzz in Des Moines. “Her book ‘Iowa Agriculture: A History of Farming, Family and Food’ is a wonderful evolution of Iowa’s agrarian history, delightfully stretching into its prehistorical roots, then quickly bringing us into the 20th and 21st centuries.”

Take a look inside this fascinating, dynamic world of crops, livestock and food-production technology with Maulsby, Iowa’s Storyteller. Join this remarkable journey of discovery that explores what it means to be an Iowan, the many ways rural and urban interests are intertwined, and what it’s like to be connected to a place and to feel a certain responsibility for the land and the people who live here.

“Darcy’s deft pen and illuminating wit give the reader, whether ‘country kid or city kid,’ a beautiful and captivating overview of Iowa’s farming legacy,” notes The Culture Buzz. “Darcy takes us on an informative, captivating journey of Iowa’s farming history, liberally seasoning her dish with delectable facts, images and a beguiling aura that is as irresistible as a fresh-baked apple pie cooling in the farmhouse kitchen window.”

Signed copies of “Iowa Agriculture: Farming, Family and Food” will be available during the event, along with Maulsby’s other non-fiction, illustrated Iowa history books (including “A Culinary History of Iowa,” “Calhoun County” and “Dallas County”).

For more details, contact Kim Kopecky (515-467-5522, somersli@wccta.net) at the Somers Public Library, or Maulsby (yettergirl@yahoo.com). You can also visit Maulsby online at www.darcymaulsby.com.


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