Singing Valentines to bring a musical message of love

Across Fort Dodge this Valentine’s Day, there will be folks getting a musical message of love, courtesy of the St. Edmond Chamber Choir.

Each year, some of the choir members visit people, often at their workplace, to serenade them with songs at the request of their sweetheart.

The St. Edmond Chamber Choir is now taking orders for Singing Valentines to be delivered on Friday. The cost is $25, and includes a long-stemmed red rose and two Valentine’s Day songs sung by a quartet from the Chamber Choir. If you would like to send one to someone in school, the cost is $15.

The Chamber Choir is also selling prerecorded Valentines that will be sent via email. If you have family or friends that live out of town and you would like to send them a Singing Valentine, the cost is $10.

To order, please call Nancy Richman at the St. Edmond Activities Office, 955-5850 or email her at richmann@st-edmond.com.

Orders will be taken until noon on Wednesday.

St. Edmond Chamber Choir members who have delivered Singing Valentines in the past remember how the recipients reacted.

”Their face gets red, they slouch down in their desk,” said Sydney Engels, 17, who is a junior. ”I had somebody cry once.”

”People try staring down,” added Jonah Hindt, 18, a senior. ”They don’t know where to to look. Sometimes they’ll sing along.”

Every once in awhile, the person a Singing Valentine is intended for isn’t there.

”They weren’t there, so we sang for someone who was there,” said Cooper Fleming, 18, a senior.

While there are things the singers should do to get ready to deliver Singing Valentines, filling up on desserts apparently isn’t one of them.

”Last year, I ate four boxes of brownies before we sang,” Hindt said. ”That didn’t work out so well.”


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