‘Mother Goose’s Golden Christmas’

Hawkeye Community Theatre production has cast of children

By Hailey Brueschke


Hawkeye Community Theatre brings fun, family Christmas entertainment to life this holiday season. The theatre’s upcoming show, ”Mother Goose’s Golden Christmas,” bears very little resemblance to the traditional ”Mother Goose” tale. It takes its inspiration from the books of nursery rhymes, published over the last two centuries. The setting is a giant book, in which Mother Goose lives with her famous little nursery rhyme characters.

”Mother Goose’s Golden Christmas” will be presented at 7 p.m. Dec. 4-6 and at 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Dec. 7.

Admission is $10 per person. Tickets can be purchased at Hawkeye Community Theatre, 521 N. 12th St.

”This is a musical with a really strong story line, which at the same time includes a host of fairytale characters,” said Joan Meyers, director, ”as well as some marvelously inventive twists.”

The cast is made up of 16 kids between fourth and eighth grade from around the area.

”All the kids are extremely talented and have had no problems getting into their character after only rehearsing for two weeks,” Meyers said.

The play opens with the ”Little” characters preparing a surprise Christmas tree for Mother Goose. While preparing, it seems they are tired of always being called ”Little” and doing the same thing. So Mother Goose incorporates them to the Big Bad Wolfe, the Bigger Badder Wolf, a Giant, and Miss Muffet’s Spider.

”The main action revolves around the capture and the rescue of the Goose with the Golden Eggs.” said Meyers. ”Audience members will experience humor, spooky scenes, and a multitude of characters.”

Each of the ”Little” characters will have their own big moment during the quest, and when it is all over they return home to the Book for a grand Christmas party.

Meyers added, ”This musical will get audience members in the mood for Christmas and leave them with a happy feeling. It is a very cute and great family Christmas fun, with familiar, classic nursery rhymes everyone can enjoy.” For more information call Hawkeye Community Theater at 515-576-6061.


Director: Joan Meyers

Stage Design: Buzz Powers

Accompanist: Brady O’Brien

Choreographer: Ester Laupp


Mother Goose: Briley Singer

Little Bo Peep: Manuela Rodriguez

Little Tommy Tucker: Marvin Smith

Little Miss Muffet: Jillian Leman

Little Jack Horner: Owen Hamlow

Little Polly Flinders: Lilly Johnson

The Goose: Drew Lundgren

The Big, Bad Wolf: Sol Birkey

The Bigger, Badder Wolf: Braden Kammerer

Giant Bossy Boots: Kate Birkey

The Spider: Caleigh Klass

Fairy Lethargia: Tristen Holst

Humpty Dumpty: Abby Newman

Monster of the Moat: Sydney Carver, Mylee Swanson, Abby Newman, Caleigh Klass


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