Stories of Fort Dodge

Black History Month program will take a walk down memory lane

February is Black History Month and in that spirit a program honoring local African American history will be on Feb. 23 at 10 a.m. at the Fort Dodge Public Library.

Black History month is a good time to walk down memory lane, Sherry Washington, president of the Pleasant Valley Awareness Committee and the Fort Dodge NAACP, said.

It also shows how far Fort Dodge has come as a community, and how far there is yet to go.

“It’s great to hear the stories of how folks grew up, some with separation — others without. But at the end of the day the roads cross one way or the other,” Washington said.

“Diversity is growth, a good way to learn about each other and have open conversations. There is a interesting and wonderful Fort Dodge African American history, definitely worthy of awareness.”

Cameron Nelson will be the program’s emcee.

Speakers will include Julia Naylor, a Fort Dodge native, who will give a talk entitled Growing up Black in Fort Dodge.

Charlene Washington, of Fort Dodge, will discuss some Mississippi home remedies folks used when doctors were not available.

Bill Douglas, of Fort Dodge. will speak on his life growing up in Detroit and moving to Fort Dodge.

Fort Dodge historian Roger Natte will show a short film from the Pleasant Valley of yesteryear, as well as display pictures and articles.

John Van Wei will sing one of the songs he wrote reflecting on his life.

Southern homemade cakes and pies will be served.

This event is free and open to the public.