Parent company of FD-based Misty Harbor Pontoons purchased

Kevcon Corp., parent company of Misty Harbor Pontoons, announced on Jan. 27 an asset purchase sale to The Marine Group LLC and its corporate leaders George Thomas, John Jergens and Tom Christy.

Misty Harbor was founded in 1988 in Humboldt. Misty began its journey with the exclusive production of a very well-known regional performance pontoon known as the SkiToon. In 1990, Dave and Lisa Wilson, of Kevcon Corp., purchased Misty Harbor and had a vision for the future.

The conversion to the popular cylinder tubes began in 1992 and with a need for a larger facility moved production to the west side of Fort Dodge in 1993 where it has been since that time.

Misty Harbor’s dealer network has grown from a handful of regional boat dealers into world-wide distribution. As business continued to grow the Wilsons saw a need for further expansion, so in 2011-2012, John Jergens and Tom Christy joined the organization, bringing more than 40 years of combined experience of sales and manufacturing to Misty Harbor.

Since that time, production has increased by nearly 70 percent, a second site for manufacturing has been added and operational expansion does not plan on slowing down anytime soon.

“Kevcon has enjoyed substantial success under the ownership of Dave and Lisa Wilson since 1990; Tom and I have been fortunate to spearhead the most recent growth these past five years,” said John Jergens, newly named president of Misty Harbor. “We have forged a new partnership that shares a common passion to continue the growth and development of our brands and to continue to serve our great customers with quality products and services,” continued Jergens.

Kevcon is known for producing Misty Harbor pontoons and, more recently, aiding the production and launching of Coach pontoons.

“Our business plan has broadened our scope into new markets which has generated great enthusiasm among our dealers as the value of our product continues to grow,” stated Tom Christy, vice president of Misty Harbor.

Misty Harbor employs more than 120 people locally and plans to continue its growth in America’s heartland based out of Fort Dodge, to service America’s boating public with its outstanding team of employees.