Curtain Up!

Hawkeye Theatre takes stage Wednesday through Saturday

Get ready for plenty of laughs during Hawkeye Community Theatre’s upcoming comedy by Peter Quilter, “Curtain Up!”

The show will be performed Wednesday through Saturday at the theater, 521 N. 12th St.

Based on the author’s earlier ”Respecting Your Piers,” ”Curtain Up!” is the story of five women who inherit equal shares in a dilapidated theater and plan to bring it back to life again. They then try various fundraising schemes, but their most ambitious is to hold a concert featuring local talent and a world famous star who agrees to appear for no fee. However, their plans go awry and it’s a race to keep their audience from guessing the truth of the matter.

Michael had five women in his life, and in his will he leaves them all equal shares in a rundown theater.

The characters include: his daughter, Theresa, played by Mari Newman, who is very positive and wants to bring it back to life and turn the theater into something better; her mother and Michael’s ex-wife, Pam, played by Deb Ahrendt, is very bitter about the theater and just wants to sell it; his lover and late wife, Jackie, played by Karie Karr,, also wants to restore the theater, but tends to butt heads with Pam about fixing the theatre up; his mother, Betty, played by Donna Johnson, who is confused and filled with grief from losing both her brother and son in a short period of time; and then there is his former executive, Sharon, played by Hanna Lara, who goes with the flow of what the other women want and talks a lot about her wild boyfriend, Stevie, who the audience never sees.

Katie Hazel, co-director, said this is a very clever script with witty lines, but besides the theme of comedy, there are also deeper themes including, loss, anger, love, and betrayal.

Showtimes for ”Curtain Up!” will be at 7 p.m. Wednesday through Friday and 2 p.m. and 7 p.m. on Saturday. Tickets can be purchased in advance by visiting or at the door for $10. Special arrangements may be made for large groups.

“The October play is also a dessert theatre, and a local sorority will be providing the desserts during intermission for guest to enjoy,” Hazel said.

For more information email, or call and leave a message at 515-576-6061.