Instead of ticket, Iowa woman gets Christmas shopping spree

DES MOINES (AP) — Instead of giving her a ticket, two Iowa sheriff’s deputies treated a woman to a Christmas shopping spree after pulling her over.
Jasper County Sheriff’s Reserve Deputies Rod Eilander and Nathan Popenhagen pulled the woman over for not having license plates on her truck, Des Moines television station KCCI reported Monday.
When they asked if she was ready for Christmas, she said “no.” Eilander told the station that the woman had no money, was out of gas and was on her way to borrow $10 from a friend to buy dinner for her kids.
Eilander said he and Popenhagen decided to buy her children gifts. They picked up a football, a bucket of slime, earrings and a new backpack at a Walmart.
Then other people at the store started taking part in the act of kindness.
“Out of nowhere, an angel walked up to us and handed her a $50 Walmart gift card,” Eilander said.
A different customer gave the woman $20, someone in the parking lot pitched in another $20, and the deputies gave her $20 for dinner.
The deputies then wrapped the presents at the Jasper County Sheriff’s Office while the woman went through donated clothing at the jail.
“My heart is full tonight being with the ones I love and to spread the holiday cheer to others less fortunate than me,” Eilander said.