Man to use Iowa’s new ‘stand your ground’ defense

IOWA CITY (AP) — A man accused in a deadly shooting on Iowa City’s pedestrian mall plans to use Iowa’s new “stand your ground” law in his defense.
Lamar Wilson, 23, is charged with first-degree murder, attempted murder and intimidation with a dangerous weapon in connection to an Aug. 27 shooting that killed one man and injured two others, the Iowa City Press-Citizen reported . He has pleaded not guilty to all charges.
The state’s “stand your ground” legislation took effect July 1. It says law-abiding citizens don’t have to retreat before using deadly force if they believe they’re in danger.
Court documents filed Monday show Wilson plans to also claim self-defense.
Iowa City police records show Wilson had two guns and a valid permit to carry them when he was taken into custody near the scene. The shooting appears to be the result of animosity between two groups of people, authorities have said.
John Bruzek, Wilson’s lawyer, also filed a motion Monday that said prosecutors are withholding certain pieces of evidence, which makes it difficult to mount a defense. Bruzek also said information that has been released through the media may alter public perception.
“Select information from police reports and autopsy reports have been leaked to the media at a rampant pace — ensuring a tampered jury pool,” Bruzek wrote.
Prosecutors haven’t filed a response to the motion.
Wilson is being held at the Johnson County Jail on a $1.75 million bond. His trial is scheduled for Nov. 7.
Earlier this year, a jury in Cook County, Illinois, found Wilson not guilty of murder in a 2013 shooting in Homewood, Illinois.