Suspect in robbery accused in arson case

WATERLOO (AP) — A one-time boxer and suspect in a deadly, botched armored car heist last month is now charged in a fire that destroyed a well-known Waterloo restaurant.

Kevin Cruz Soliveras, 29, of Evansdale, was arrested Monday on arson and burglary charges in the March 5 fire that gutted the Wishbone Restaurant and Bar, the Courier reported.

Police said in court documents that security video showed Cruz and another person breaking into the restaurant and into coin-operated machines there before setting several fires in an effort to cover up the crime.

Days after the fire, police said, Cruz and several others hatched a plan to rob an armored car outside a Waterloo bank. The March 11 robbery failed when guards opened fire, wounding Cruz and another man and killing 37-year-old Bryce Miller. Cruz and another man fled and were arrested in the following days.

Cruz is also suspected in a number of other crimes in the area in recent months, police said.