Sports Park Raceway back on the track

After a one-week hiatus, the Sports Park Raceway returned to action Friday for the fourth round of the Summit USRA Weekly Racing Series at the half-mile clay oval located just south of Fort Dodge.

Friday night’s action saw Dennis Elliott of Mt. Ayr make the long trip north to collect the top prize in the USRA Modifieds. Devon Havlik of Iowa Falls finished second, followed by Chase Ellingson of Williams, Jacob Murray of Hartford and points leader Duke Erickson of Sioux Falls, S.D.

Always an exciting division, the American Racer USRA Stock Cars saw a new winner too with Jake Masters of Graettinger holding off Bill Crimmins of Fort Dodge for the win.

Travis Shipman of Mason City was third, Humboldt’s Calvin Lange finished fourth and Jeff Lyon of Duncombe rounded out the top five.

Masters took home an extra $100 from Pingel Tyre & Auto Centre in Fort Dodge for his efforts.

Rocky Caudle of Ellsworth picked up the USRA B-Mod main event victory with hard-charging Ty Griffith of Webster City taking runner-up honors after starting 12th on the grid. Jason Bass of Fort Dodge, Levi Chipp of Latimer and ninth-starting Jared Timmerman of Norwalk completed the top three.

Caudle earned an extra $100 from Rees Truck & Trailer and another $100 from Platinum Construction & Demo for the win. Superfan Bob VanEvery and his fiance’ added $20 the race’s Hard Charger Award in the USRA B-Mod class.

Defending national champ Eric Stanton of Carlisle roared from the eighth starting spot to take the win in the Pickett Salvage USRA Hobby Stocks. Daniel Ayers of Webster City was second, Drew Barglof of Sioux Rapids took third.

Fourth place went to Tyson Overton of Carlisle and polesitter John Ades of Rippey held on for fifth.

Mitch Frank with On The Go Lock & Key in Fort Dodge padded the USRA Hobby Stock purse with an extra $100 Friday night. Drivers finishing fifth through eighth each got $25.

USRA Tuner action saw former USRA national champion Ryan Bryant of Mason City get the win over Jade Lange of Humboldt while Matt Oberhelman of Fort Dodge took home third-place money.

The rest of the top five were Marshalltown’s John Gill and Michael Heun of Manson.

Each of the top four in the USRA Tuners got an extra $25 courtesy of Oberhelman Motorsports.

Racing is set to continue next Friday, June 19, with USRA Modifieds, USRA Stock Cars, USRA B-Mods, Pickett Salvage USRA Hobby Stocks and USRA Tuners in the spotlight for Round 5 of the Summit USRA Weekly Racing Series.


(Friday’s results)



1. (4) 29 Dennis Elliott, Mt. Ayr, Iowa

2. (2) 5D Devon Havlik, Iowa Falls, Iowa

3. (6) 14E Chase Ellingson, Williams, Iowa

4. (3) 48J Jacob Murray, Hartford, Iowa

5. (5) 57 Duke Erickson, Sioux Falls, S.D.

6. (8) 00J J.D. Auringer, Waterloo, Iowa

7. (12) 75 Greg Elliott, Webster City, Iowa

8. (9) 3W Garett Wilson, Carlisle, Iowa

9. (10) 00 Tristan Vesterby, Webster City, Iowa

10. (1) 45H Jason Hickingbottom, Duncombe, Iowa

11. (7) 8X Scott Olson, Blairsburg, Iowa

DNS – 2 Jerid Ratzke, Williams, Iowa



1. (3) 11 Jake Masters, Graettinger, Iowa

2. (2) 35 Bill Crimmins, Fort Dodge, Iowa

3. (5) 87 Travis Shipman, Mason City, Iowa

4. (4) 43 Calvin Lange, Humboldt, Iowa

5. (6) 59 Jeff Lyon, Duncombe, Iowa

6. (1) 22D Jeff Deal, Fort Dodge, Iowa

DNS – 3K Kent Knopf, Granger, Iowa



1. (3) 99 Rocky Caudle, Ellsworth, Iowa

2. (12) 56 Ty Griffith, Webster City, Iowa

3. (2) 4 Jason Bass, Fort Dodge, Iowa

4. (7) 66 Levi Chipp, Latimer, Iowa

5. (9) 7+ Jared Timmerman, Norwalk, Iowa

6. (1) 9J Jeremiah Reed, Otho, Iowa

7. (5) 1 Doug McCollough, Webster City, Iowa

8. (4) 75S Cole Suckow, Cresco, Iowa

9. (8) 56X Kyle Webb, Des Moines, Iowa

10. (11) 511 Matt Grall, Fort Dodge, Iowa

11. (14) 13 Lucus Jones, Fort Dodge, Iowa

12. (10) 40 George Gilliland, Lehigh, Iowa

13. (13) 25P Justin Patterson, Fort Dodge, Iowa

14. (6) 32S Bryce Summers, Eagle Grove, Iowa

15. (17) 18K Donovan Kennebeck, Lytton, Iowa

16. (15) 98R Kendall Zuetlau, Fort Dodge, Iowa

17. (16) T16 Taylor Elliott, Webster City, Iowa



1. (8) 7B Eric Stanton, Carlisle, Iowa

2. (2) 4D Daniel Ayers, Webster City, Iowa

3. (3) 45 Drew Barglof, Sioux Rapids, Iowa

4. (5) 42T Tyson Overton, Carlisle, Iowa

5. (1) 10A John Ades, Rippey, Iowa

6. (6) 50 Bryce Sommerfeld, Fort Dodge, Iowa

7. (7) 12K Eric Knutson, Slater, Iowa

8. (9) 10 Danny Sassman Jr., Fort Dodge, Iowa

9. (10) 35 Riley Crimmins, Fort Dodge, Iowa

10. (12) 8 Adam Tiernan, Granger, Iowa

11. (11) 55G David Gilliland, Fort Dodge, Iowa

12. (15) 10X Dylan Ades, Rippey, Iowa

13. (14) 56G Bradley Gilliland, Lehigh, Iowa

14. (13) 14 Joseph DeBoer, Fort Dodge, Iowa

15. (4) 15 Jeremy Crimmins, Fort Dodge, Iowa

DNS – 43A Andy Williams, Fort Dodge, Iowa



1. (4) 37 Ryan Bryant, Mason City, Iowa

2. (3) 43 Jade Lange, Humboldt, Iowa

3. (2) 41 Matt Oberhelman, Fort Dodge, Iowa

4. (1) 02 John Gill, Marshalltown, Iowa

5. (9) 230 Michael Heun, Manson, Iowa

6. (5) 88 Bruce Hower, Indianola, Iowa

7. (6) 38 Des Sells, Fort Dodge, Iowa

8. (7) 45 John Dahlsten, Pomeroy, Iowa

9. (8) 54 Josh Dahlsten, Pomeroy, Iowa


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