—Submitted photo Jed Tracy talks to his dad C.J. Tracy at a St. Edmond cross country meet.

Jed Tracy knows the person he is today wouldn’t be possible without his dad, but seeing his father C.J.’s impact on others is what makes his dad’s character shine.

“He isn’t just an influential person in my life, as a teacher he has impacted many students,” Jed said. “I am always walking down the hall, town, or lunch room hearing “That’s Mr. Tracy’s son”“Mr. Tracy is my favorite teacher”“Mr. Tracy is so funny” and many other stories.

“With all that being said, I am proud to say that he is my father.”

Jed, who is a four-sport athlete at St. Edmond, can enjoy his dad up close and personal, as C.J. is an assistant coach in baseball and also coaches middle school sports.

“For my siblings and me, no matter how far the distance is of the game, meet, or competition, he is always making a conscious effort to attend or follow,” said the junior. “If he is following, he always waits at home, even if that means staying up until 1 a.m. Then when arriving home, he always has some questions.

“He is always asking how the meet or game went, what I thought went well and what I can improve on, while giving some tips, pointers, and food — obviously.”

2019 Fort Dodge Senior High graduate Anthony Wagner, remembers a bet his dad Matt made while coaching his youth baseball team the Yellow Jackets.

“He made a bet with our team that if we won a certain tournament, he would shave his head,” Anthony said. “With such a big bet on the line, we obviously had to clutch out the win and my dad kept his word and shaved his hair off.

“He actually ended up liking it, and he has kept that same haircut ever since then.”

Wagner’s relationship with his dad extends farther than the dinner table and backyard, as his dad has been coaching him since he was a kid.

“My dad has been there for me in sports ever since I picked up a ball,” Anthony said. “Not only has he been a coach to me in sports, but he’s been a huge role model in life. He’s the biggest supporter of my brothers and I, and he wouldn’t miss a game or meet for anything.

“My father’s accomplishments and work ethic are an inspiration to me, and I wouldn’t rather have any other father figure raise me for the last 18 years.”

South Central Calhoun graduate Jared Birks also grew up in a sports household with his father Dave, who has been a teacher and a coach for the South Central Calhoun girls basketball team.

“My dad is my role model and has shown me what a hard working family man is like,” Jared said. “Being a teacher and coach can fill up a schedule easily, but he made time for me and my family. I always enjoyed the one on one time with him whether it be playing catch in the yard, shooting baskets or talking about a game.

“One of my favorite memories is a picture of him and my grandma (his mom) after I hit a home run in his home town of Manilla on the field he used to play on.”

Jackson Bemrich, St. Edmond

With matt bemrich

“My father has always been my biggest role model to me. My dad works hard for our family, he has always been motivational towards my brothers and I, and he has always tried his best to support us in everything we do.

“Regardless of how busy my dad always, is he always tries his best to make it to every sporting event or concert I am involved in. No matter how annoying he may be, or how terrible his jokes are, I will always look up to my old man!”

Carson Taylor,

Fort Dodge Senior High

With Chris Taylor

“My dad has had a huge impact on my life. He’s helped me through so much and has always been here for me. He never gives up on me and pushes me to the next level.

“A funny story that I have is that my dad still thinks he can beat me in a race even after I beat him in one.”

Ashlyn Clark, Humboldt

With Derrik Clark

“My dad is the comic relief in our home. He makes me laugh on a daily basis and keeps things light hearted. It makes me happy when I see him making others smile by using his humor and wit.

“One of my favorite lines is “I don’t care what you get off the menu but whatever you get you better eat it all.”

Ryan Bellcock,

East Sac County

With Stacy Bellcock

“My dad means the world to me. From when I was little up to starting college this fall, I’ve received endless support and encouragement. No matter if it’s in the classroom or during sports I always know he will be my biggest fan.

“A special moment we shared is when I committed to Dordt University this past winter to play basketball. It was a moment of happiness and excitement for both of us, especially when I have him to thank for pushing me.”

Olivia Larsen, Newell-Fonda

With Kevin Larsen

“My dad is my best friend and does anything and everything he can for my sisters and I. He is always there supporting and cheering us on in any given situation. I love having him as a coach and he has taught me everything I know today. I couldn’t be more thankful for him. Everyone loves him and there’s a reason for that.”

“A special memory I have with my dad is jumping up and hugging him after we won the state championship!”

Tristin Doster,

Fort Dodge Senior High

With Dave Doster

” To my dad — my biggest supporter! No matter how much we don’t see eye to eye, you will always have my back and I’m forever thankful for that! Happy Father’s Day!”

Haley Wills,

Fort Dodge Senior High

With Mark Wills

“He is my number one supporter, my role model, the person who helps me through the ups and downs. I’m so lucky to call him my father. He has made me the person I am today and has taught me so many different things that have made me become the strong, ambitious person I am today!

“I love making so many great memories with him. The funniest memory is when he was catching me and a song came on, so I started doing dance moves and he copied me because he thought he was cool. It makes me proud to call him my dad.”

Noah Carlson, St. Edmond

With Eugene Carlson

“My dad has always been there for me and is always in my corner pushing me to be the best I can be. When I needed extra hitting he was willing to go or when I needed to lose a few more pounds before weigh ins he was more than happy to help.

“To this day he will still never be able to beat me in a wrestling match though.”

Cole Pearson,

Fort Dodge Senior High

With Jeremy Pearson

“My dad really means everything to me. Even if we are not happy with each other. He’s always getting me to try and push harder than I want to. He knows all of the dreams I have and how hard I’m going to have to work for them.

“My favorite memories about my dad are the first couple years of my swimming. He had no clue what was going on and just knew that I swam faster than the last time! He’s an amazing dad and an amazing life coach.”

Daphne Alstott,

Fort Dodge Senior High

With Mitch Alstott

“Dear dad, you are the one who has been with me through it all. Through the tearful bad games and with me for the joyful memorable ones.

“I’m forever thankful that you are my biggest hype person. You are my favorite voice to hear in the crowd and I love you so much.”

Jace Peterson,

Fort Dodge Senior High

With Aaron Peterson

“Growing up my dad has always been my biggest role model. He was my AAU basketball coach growing up and taught me not only how to be a good basketball player but more importantly to be someone with good character and to be a caring person.

“Through all the hard times in sports or in life my dad has always been the first person there supporting me and pushing me to be the best I possibly can be. My dad never misses any of my games or my brothers games and that shows how truly supportive and caring of a person he is.”

Bryce Coppock, Newell-Fonda

With Shad Coppock

“My dad is my role model and inspiration. I can proudly say that not only does my dad care about the success of me and my family, he truly cares about the success of anyone he is involved with.

“I can remember back to when I was little and we would have tournaments on the weekends, there was always those kids that couldn’t get a ride or couldn’t afford the price. My dad always offered a ride or a solution to the situation. This has been a continuous trend with my younger brothers class to this day.

“I knew my dad always loved to see the relief on the kids face when his ride to the tournament showed up. This is just one of the many ways on how my dad has been a great role model. I can confidently say my dad is the most caring person I have ever met and the best dad I could ask for.”

Jed Tracy, St. Edmond

With CJ Tracy

“I would not be the person I am today without my dad. He is an influential person in my life. My dad has taught me many life lessons from tying a shoe to mowing the lawn and many lessons in sports whether it’s shooting a basketball or swinging a bat.

“My father is always pushing me to do my best, ever since I was a little ornery child. He has always told me “If you start something, you must give it your all” and that has stuck with me to this today.”

–Compiled by Chris Johnson

and Dana Becker