Tritons rack up three sports shooting national titles

SAN ANTONIO — The Iowa Central sports shooting teams brought home three national championships on Saturday, as well as national runner-up honors in the High Over All (HOA) awards.

Taylor Nelson was the back-to-back Class A American trap shooting national champion. Nelson had a total of 99, going 24, 25, 25 and 25 to win the title.

The Tritons also captured the American trap team trophy for the third consecutive year with 486 points. Team members were Nelson (99), Eric Long (97), Jedadiah Miller (97), Shelby Prochaska (97) and John Behrens (96).

Iowa Central claimed the team trophy in super sporting clays as well with 418 points. Participants were Ethan Bazyn (90), Clinton Manning (84), JP Crowley (82), Nelson (81) and Long (81).

In the HOA, Iowa Central was second in the overall standings with 2,226 points. Connor State College took first at 2,282.

They were also second in the HOA American Events.

The team placing for the HOA was based on cumulative scores from the American trap, American skeet, International trap, International skeet, sporting clays and super sporting clays events.

Iowa Central was second in American Skeet (473), International skeet (231) and International trap (263).

The American skeet squad included Manning (97), Long (95), Isaiah Miller (95), Carlton Davis (93) and Bazyn (93).

The International skeet team was Bazyn (81), Manning (80) and Davis (70).

The squad for the International trap was Manning (89), Noah Sundene (89) and Ty Haugen (85).

The Tritons placed third in sporting clays (355) with Long (75), Nelson (71), Haugen (70), Miller (70) and Crowley (69).

The sports shooting team at Iowa Central is coached by Joe Tuel. He is assisted by Niki Johnson, Naomi England, Justin Ford, Bill Ekstrom, and John Hughes.