Gaels earn boys crown; SCC’s Moon takes individual title

-Messenger photo by Britt Kudla Jed Tracy of St. Edmond compete during Southeast Valley XC Invitational at Gowrie Country Club on Thursday

GOWRIE — St. Edmond placed all five of its runners in the Top-25 led by Jed Tracy’s third to pick up team honors at the Southeast Valley Invitational Thursday evening.

Grant Heldorfer and Ryan Duckett finished 14th and 15th, with Drew Szalat and Charlie Shelly placing 24th and 25th overall, as the Gaels scored 81 points to clip OABCIG by eight.

South Central Calhoun was third behind individual winner Spencer Moon, with Southeast Valley placing fifth overall as Coledon Bethel finished fourth.

“We had some questions coming in, but many of them were answered,” St. Edmond head coach Mike Szalat said. “We ran really well as a group and Jed ran a great race, taking almost 30 seconds off his time from this meet last year.

“Moon is a stud and he ran just a phenomenal race.”

Duckett was a member of the varsity lineup a year ago as a freshman, but this marked the first race for Heldorfer, Szalat and Shelly. Heldorfer is a sophomore, Szalat a freshman and Shelly was part of the football team his first two seasons at SEHS.

“This was the first meet for a lot of our guys,” Tracy said. “For us to run this well, I hope it gives all of us confidence moving forward in practices and meets.

“The future is very bright if we keep working hard.”

Parker Oswald and Hayden Mayer, a 10th-grader and a freshman, were 27th and 28th overall. This was the first team title for the Gaels since winning this meet three years ago.

Moon was the winner by almost an entire minute of West Central Valley’s Louden Foster, finishing in 16:58.21. Tracy had a time of 18:06.58.

Andy Johnson led Manson Northwest Webster by placing 12th overall. Kaden Langfitt was the top finisher for Clarion-Goldfield/Dows in eighth and Nolan Blair led West Bend-Mallard by finishing 10th.

Next action for the Gaels will be on Tuesday when they compete in Webster City.


Team Standings

1. St. Edmond, 81; 2. OABCIG, 89; 3. South Central Calhoun, 101; 4. Woodward Academy, 107; 5. Southeast Valley, 119; 6. West Central Valley, 145; 7. Manson NW, 173; 8. Clarion-Goldfield/Dows, 179; 9. West Bend-Mallard, 188; 10. East Sac County, 218.

Individual Top-5

1. Spencer Moon, South Central Calhoun, 16:58.21; 2. Louden Foster, West Central Valley, 17:57.00; 3. Jed Tracy, St. Edmond, 18:06.58; 4. Coledon Bethel, Southeast Valley, 18:55.68; 5. Ephirem Gurisho, Woodward Academy, 18:58.87.

St. Edmond — 3. Tracy; 14. Grant Heldorfer, 20:08.93; 15. Ryan Duckett, 20:11.31; 24. Drew Szalat, 20:26.58; 25. Charlie Shelly, 20:27.86.

South Central Calhoun — 1. Moon; 16. Ben Englin, 20:12.55; 19. Matthew Clark, 20:16.35; 32. Sam Musselman, 21:01.76; 33. Mason Henry, 21:05.79.

Southeast Valley — 4. Bethel; 9. Ben Carlson, 19:38.72; 23. Robert Jepsen, 20:24.69; 39. Zach Thompson, 21:37.48; 44. Carson Suchan, 22:08.31.

Manson NW — 12. Andy Johnson, 19:49.58; 26. Jose Lachelt, 20:32.99; 41. Kannon Graham, 21:44.70; 48. Jonas Jensen, 22:26.90; 54. Caleb Baker, 22:40.06.

Clarion-Goldfield/Dows — 8. Kaden Langfitt, 19:35.53; 22. Caleb Krueger, 20:23.03; 36. Isaiah Nebbe, 21:13.83; 62. Eugene Rosenbaum, 23:14.14; 90. Carson Harle, 25:33.67.

West Bend-Mallard — 10. Nolan Blair, 19:46.58; 20. Thomas Fehr, 20:17.55; 37. Mason Link, 21:18.64; 70. Nolan Ford, 23:49.60; 111. Hunter Buhs, 31:18.04.

East Sac County — 31. Tim Pobanz, 20:57.53; 34. Levi Steinkamp, 21:06.95; 40. Garrett Hugeback, 21:44.44; 57. Nathan Pobanz, 22:45.32; 95. Lane Snyder, 26:24.17.