Kindness makes a difference

While November is a month to be thankful, it’s also a time to spread kindness to those around you. When I look around, I find so many things to be thankful for — my growing family, a great community, and an amazing team at UnityPoint Health — Fort Dodge committed to excellence. But I’m also thankful for the acts of kindness shown by our team members to patients, visitors, and family members. I continually hear stories about how our team goes above and beyond to make a difference to those visiting our facilities — along with providing top-notch care.

Recently, a patient locked their keys in their car and needed transportation to a second appointment at the Berryhill Center. Our guest assistants transported the patient to their appointment at Berryhill via the shuttle, and then worked with the towing company to get the patient’s keys out of their car. When the car alarm went off and the car wouldn’t start, they googled a way to get the car to start and saved the patient a towing fee.

I also love reading patient nominations for the DAISY Award (for nurses) and the ROSE Award (for patient care technicians), where stories are shared about how our team members performed acts of kindness and showed passion for the work they are doing. I am so thankful we have a great group of team members who truly love the work they are doing — and it shows in each patient and family member interaction.

Kindness does make a difference in the lives of others — and amazingly, most people do these actions out of love, compassion, or generosity — not expecting anything in return. World Kindness Day, a movement started by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, is today. We’re using the day to kick off “A Season of Giving” at UnityPoint Health — Fort Dodge. Throughout November and December, our team members will not only receive acts of kindness, but we’ve challenged them to give back to our community and show kindness at the same time.

Kindness is truly all around us in our community. My challenge to you is to go out and do acts of kindness to those around you — maybe by sending an unexpected card in the mail or an uplifting text message to someone to brighten their day. If you’re looking, you’ll easily see so many acts of kindness all around us.

Leah Glasgo is the president and chief executive officer of UnityPoint Health — Fort Dodge.


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