Fort Dodge area is home to legislative leaders

Sexton, Kraayenbrink, Meyer to have influence

Webster County is represented by three lawmakers who are uniquely positioned to have significant influence on the future course of our state.

State Rep. Mike Sexton, R-Rockwell City, remains the House majority whip. That’s one of the top four leadership positions in the House of Representatives. While his duties will include some basic ones like making sure all the Republican members of the House are present for roll call votes, he will also be involved in all of the high level meetings regarding which bills will advance and which will be discarded.

State Sen. Tim Kraayenbrink, R-Fort Dodge, is chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee. That’s the panel that handles spending bills. Every measure that calls for spending a cent of state money will go through Kraayenbrink’s committee.

State Rep. Ann Meyer, R-Fort Dodge, is the chairwoman of the House Human Resources Committee, which handles health policy bills. With the COVID-19 pandemic piling onto all of the state’s existing physical and mental health needs, the committee will be busy. The position is a good fit for Meyer, who is a nurse and nursing instructor. She’s served on the committee since starting her first term in the legislature in 2019.

Sexton, Kraayenbrink and Meyer are hard-working lawmakers who have earned the endorsement of this newspaper.

We congratulate them on achieving positions that will enable them to do more for our state.

We also believe that our community is fortunate to be represented by lawmakers in such influential roles. Outside of a major metropolitan area, it’s probably difficult to find a community that’s home to such a combination of legislative leaders.


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