False claims surround gun legislation

We have now been here for 11 weeks. The first day of spring has come and gone. And Easter is just around the corner. The first funnel week has passed by and the second funnel date is next week. As you recall the first funnel killed any bills that were not out of the chamber where they originated. So, House files had to be out of House committees and Senate files had to be out of Senate committees. The second funnel, which is next week, forces House files to be out of Senate committees and Senate files to be out of Houses committees. Bills that do not make it out of their respective committees will die in the second funnel.

The Revenue Estimating Conference met last Friday. Once they have their meeting in March, we will know how much of your money we have to spend. What that means is that we now move from working on policy bills to working on appropriation bills. Days become very busy and hectic, but you also have to mix in a large amount of hurry up and wait which, as you can imagine, can cause frustrations and a little shortness of temper. But, for the most part, things are moving smoothly and I hope we get done early.

Last week I stated I would talk about the 2nd Amendment Bill we passed last week. HF 756 addressed many areas of gun laws but the part that caught the most attention ended the requirement that a person has to have a permit to carry or purchase a firearm. Anti-gun groups have been spreading misinformation about the bill even though it passed with bi-partisan support. The misinformation spread by these groups is based on anti-2nd Amendment politics not on the actual language in the bill.

FALSE Claim: Eliminates Iowa background check requirements.

FACT: Background checks are still required for long gun or a handgun purchase. Background checks will be run through the National Instant Criminal Background Check run by the FBI and the ATF. This check is currently used for long gun purchases in Iowa and now it will also be used for handgun purchases.

FALSE Claim: Eliminates Iowa’s Permit to Carry Requirement

FACT: HF 756 keeps the permit option in place, but does not require a permit if a law-abiding Iowan wants to carry their firearm. In order to carry outside of Iowa, Iowans would still need to have a permit.

FALSE Claim: Makes it easy for felons and domestic abusers to buy handguns

FACT: HF 756 would make it more difficult for felons and domestic abusers to buy firearms because they would be subject to a background check for every firearm purchased. Current law only requires showing a permit issued in the last five years. The National Instant Criminal Background Check is updated immediately by state and federal agencies to have the most accurate information available regarding who can and cannot have a firearm.

FALSE Claim: Allows guns on school buses

FACT: Iowa code was not changed regarding firearms on school premises or school buses. The accusation that guns will now be allowed on school buses shows how very little Democrats know about current law.

Current Law

• Permits issued by Sheriff for permit to carry or acquire

• Handgun purchase-permit required

• Long gun purchase-no permit, NICS check, Or permit

HF 756

• Optional permits to carry and acquire

• Background checks through NICS for each firearms purchase (long guns and handguns)

• NICS-Federal check

• Permit NOT required to carry

• Private sales-can’t sell to a prohibited party. Class “D” felony if you know or should have known the person was prohibited.


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