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UnityPoint Health — Trinity Wound Healing Center recently marked its 10th year of providing advanced wound care to Fort Dodge and the surrounding communities. In that 10 years the Wound Healing Center has gained national recognition for its outstanding service and patient outcomes. While this national recognition is an impressive feat to attain, perhaps the more impressive measure of success is the improved health of our community.

Throughout the last 10 years, the Trinity Wound Healing Center team has worked diligently to build relationships across multiple locations and various provider networks to ensure access to care for a variety of patients. In addition to the outpatient clinic which is open five days a week at UnityPoint Health — Trinity Regional Medical Center, the Wound Healing Center has also contracted with local skilled nursing facilities and opened a satellite clinic in Sac City to reduce travel time for patients.

The Trinity Wound Healing Center touts an impressive panel of physician specialties including podiatry, general surgery, vascular surgery and a cardio thoracic surgery. This team, in conjunction with the clinical staff, provides a variety of advanced wound care treatment methods including debridement, skin substitutes, skin grafting and hyperbaric oxygen chambers. The fact that their panel is comprised of several different specialties, and that they have the ability to offer hyperbaric oxygen treatment, is perhaps the pivotal factor which separates them from other wound clinics in the area. This diverse panel is so different from what you typically see within a wound clinic because of the fact that each patient is examined through a variety of lenses. By looking at the root cause of a wound and optimizing the wound environment, the Trinity Wound Healing Center team is able to heal patients faster. This panel of physicians as well as the dedicated nursing staff is responsible for treating thousands of patients with chronic wounds over the years and that number is growing every day. When asked about what makes the Trinity Wound Healing Center so exceptional, their Program Director, Trish Jacobson, had the following to say.

“The success of our team comes down to the dedication of the providers and staff to give our patients the best possible experience every time. We believe in what we refer to as our FOCUS values which aim to Foster Unity, Own the Moment, Champion Excellence, and Seize Opportunities. The ‘U’ stands for UnityPoint. It is through the embodiment of these values that we hold each other accountable to doing what is best for the patient and treating them like family. Many of our patients are elderly and we develop relationships with them that are mutually beneficial to the point that each of us look forward to seeing one another throughout the course of treatment. The success of our center comes down to the success of our patients and we have been blessed to work with wonderful people over the years.”

This year marks the seventh consecutive time that the Trinity Wound Healing Center has received both the Center of Excellence, and Center of Distinction Awards from Healogics Inc. Healogics is the largest wound management organization in the U.S. This award places the Trinity Wound Healing Center in the top 10 percent of more than 800 centers across the nation, and is a distinction only presented to those centers which maintain a healing rate of 95 percent of patients, a patient satisfaction score of 93 percent or higher, and a median days to heal of less than 28 days. It is impressive to achieve each of these metrics on their own, but to reach all three goals for seven consecutive years is exceptional.

The Trinity Wound Healing Center takes a great deal of pride in the work that they are doing and they are continually pushing the bar to do better. If you or someone you know has a chronic wound, the Trinity Wound Healing Center can help. A chronic wound is defined as a wound that hasn’t shown signs of improvement after 30 days post injury. You don’t need a provider referral in order to be seen in the clinic, so don’t hesitate to call and start receiving the care that you deserve. Call today and schedule an appointment at 574-6068 and start healing faster.

Tricia Jacobson, BSN, CWOCN, CHRN, is program director of UnityPoint Health — Trinity Wound Health Center.


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