Wants Michehl for sheriff

To the editor:

Please support Trevir Michehl for sheriff. The incumbent has a very poor record in many areas.

1) Webster County must now pay out about $600,000 (a figure which includes payments to settle a civil rights complaint, attorneys fees and salary paid to a deputy who was on administrative leave) because our “experienced” incumbent did not supervise his employees (or, condoned misbehavior?) allowing long continued abuse and discrimination, and hence produced a costly settlement against the county.

2) The incumbent himself has stated vandalism in the jail cells causes sewage leaking problems. Why is this tolerated? Are “the inmates running the institution”? When was the last vandal prosecuted and punished? Is the incumbent incapable of discovering “Who done it?” by looking at who occupies that cell?

3) The incumbent recently spent a lot of time and (our) money trying and failing to persuade voters that we need a $50 million Sheriff’s Chateau and Estate (on the edge of town) to solve problems. (The band seems to be tuning up to play that sorry tune again.) Spending $50 million and incurring a whole raft of greater operating expenses are totally unnecessary to resolve stated troubles.

A familiar proverb reminds us that “A new broom sweeps clean.” Let’s give Trevir the opportunity to brush away old dirt, bad practices, and poor management at the jail. One definition of insanity is continuing to repeat actions which cause a problem in the first place. We do not need more of the same! Vote Trevir Michehl for sheriff of Webster County.

Roger D. Snell



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