Disagrees with Ernst on worker issues

To the editor:

In her June 3 guest column in The Messenger, Sen. Ernst uses a bold headline that states “Government employees need to get back to work.” As I read her rant, I couldn’t find anything about employees not working. What I found instead, was a general complaint about where employees were working and that she doesn’t like unions. I wish she was more concerned about what the employees were accomplishing than where they work. It appears to me that this is just another attempt to disparage government workers and unions in general. If her complaint is lack of use of government buildings, don’t blame that on the employees and unions. If her complaint is about lack of work accomplishment, show me some statistics about that. And quit trying to pit one working group against another (government worker versus farmer or warehouse worker). That’s just another old method of trying to do away with unions altogether.

Larry Franks

Fort Dodge


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