Supports Sheriff Fleener

To the editor:

I am writing this letter to encourage all Webster County residents to vote in the primary election on Tuesday, June 4th, 2024, to re-elect Webster County Sheriff Luke Fleener.

I have known Luke for the past 30 plus years. During those years, he has been more than a coworker and friend. He has been a fellow sheriff’s deputy, detective, Sergeant, my immediate supervisor, and now elected sheriff.

Luke greatly influenced my career in law enforcement. When Luke was a police officer with the Fort Dodge Police Department, I “rode along” with him to see if law enforcement was a career I wanted to pursue. As a result of those ride alongs, I started a 27-year career as a law enforcement officer in the State of Iowa, with 20 years being with the Webster County Sheriff’s Office. I worked closely with Luke during that time, and I can attest to his dedication, knowledge, experience, and professionalism as a law enforcement officer. I have also seen firsthand his absolute care for the citizens of Webster County; especially those affected by crime.

During the last eleven years of my employment at the Sheriff’s Office, I was assigned to the criminal investigations division as a detective. Luke was my Sergeant and immediate supervisor during that time. Luke has impeccable leadership skills and leads by example with passion, outstanding communication skills, and integrity. He is level-headed and accountable. As a leader, I could always count on Luke to communicate directly and clearly and make the sometimes difficult and right decisions that needed to be made regardless of the popularity of those decisions.

Even though I have moved from the area, I have stayed in regular contact with past co-workers from Webster County and the operations of the Sheriff’s Office. Those co-workers now echo my experience with Sheriff Fleener. As Sheriff, he has implemented policies and initiatives that have lifted employee morale and led to more efficient operation and accountability of the Sheriff’s Office, which benefits all Webster County citizens. Having worked closely with Sheriff Fleener for many years, I can say without hesitation that his passion for the safety and care of Webster County citizens and the employees of the Webster County Sheriff’s Office has always been the driving factor in the decisions he makes, and how he leads. His care and dedication for the safety of all the citizens of Webster County is shown in his achievements, such as implementing security measures in the Webster County Courthouse, establishing school resource officers in the county’s rural schools, and collaborating with the Fort Dodge Community Foundation to secure a $200,000 Rural Crime Reduction Grant.

The citizens of Webster County can be confident in Sheriff Fleener’s ability to continue to professionally, effectively, and efficiently provide public safety. Although life has taken me away from Webster County, Luke Fleener would have my vote to be re-elected for Sheriff of Webster County. I encourage all Webster County residents to re-elect Luke Fleener for Sheriff.

Jason Bahr

Former sheriff’s deputy,

Webster County Sheriff’s Office

Crescent, Iowa


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