Sheriff’s Office employees in support of Fleener

To the editor:

Leadership is defined as the action of leading a group of people or organizations. The quality of a leader is reflected in the standards they set for themselves and pass onto others. Sheriff Luke Fleener is, by definition, an exceptional leader.

Luke has worked his way into this leadership role by serving as a patrol deputy, detective, sergeant, SERT Commander, and most importantly Sheriff. There is nothing he asks us to do that he won’t do himself. Luke is consistently in the field assisting us with calls, helping on search warrants, and doing whatever is needed to keep Webster County safe. He always leads from the front.

Over the last four years we’ve seen a good department transformed into a great department with a team atmosphere and where input is encouraged. Progressive ideas are met with open ears and open conversations; new firearms policies making us more confident in our shooting skillset, new shifts that allow more time with family, better wages to compete with local agencies, the on-taking of dispatch from an out of state company, updated duty equipment, and an increased training and education regiment, just to name a few.

Luke has proven that he is dedicated to community policing and staying involved. Most of us signing this letter, like you, have children or grandchildren in our community schools. We have been witness to Luke’s countless hours spent training teachers, faculty, business owners, and churchgoers in active shooter training and response throughout Webster County. His commitment to safety is second to none and should not be taken for granted.

With his 35 years of experience Luke has demonstrated the dedication, loyalty, and commitment it takes to be a great community servant. We look forward to working alongside Luke for the next four years as he continues to keep Webster County safe and progressive.

Please join us on June 4th in voting to re-elect Sheriff Luke Fleener for Webster County Sheriff.

Derek Christie — Chief Deputy

Christy Nelson — Office Administrator

Roxy Leadley — Office Clerk

Laura Montgomery — Office Clerk

Mindy Anderson — Civil Process Server

Mark Gargano — Jail Administrator

John Garretson — Assistant Jail Administrator

Mark Davis — Correctional Officer

Brian Hitchcock — 911 Director

Tony Walter — Sergeant

Geoff Miller — Sergeant

Josh Van Waes — Sergeant

Mike Kenyon — Sergeant

Pat Gerhardt — Sergeant

Matt Burns — Deputy

Tyler Holbrook — Deputy

Harmon Atwood — Deputy

Dan Charlson — Deputy

Colton Monson — Deputy

Nick Dunbar — Deputy

Alex Winninger — Detective

Cody Harris — Detective

Matt Miller — Deputy

Chris O’Brien — Bailiff (Retired Webster County Sergeant)

Kevin Kruse — Bailiff (Retired Webster County Lieutenant)

Brian Rickleffs — Bailiff (Retired Humboldt County Chief Deputy)

Randy Steinkamp — Bailiff (Retired Iowa State Patrol Sergeant)

Alex Winninger

Fort Dodge


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