Finds recent actions offensive

To the editor:

I read The Messenger every day and every day on the opinion page I read “Let’s Hear From Your Views” but there is seldom anything in this column. I know this isn’t because nobody is writing in because I have written numerous times that have never been published, so I have to ask myself why? Does this paper only publish an opinion that agrees with their own?

This paper published a full-page ad about the youth violence in town and how to curb it. I expressed my opinions on why I thought we had this problem, and they were never published and the only reason I can think of why they weren’t is that evidently the paper must have thought they might be offensive.

Well, I think it is offensive to the people of this state that our governor can take it upon herself to keep our state auditor from being able to perform the job that we elected him to do. She took it upon herself to create a three-member board that has to approve any matter that the auditor looks into. The problem is the board consists of herself, someone from the auditor’s office and someone from the department that is to be audited. If there is wrongdoing going on, how do you think this vote is going to turn out?

I also find it offensive that we are paying members of Congress high salaries and the only thing they are getting done is extending the deficit limit so they can keep getting paid. When they did finally get a bill ready to pass after six months of both parties working together for once, a bill that was touted to be the best reform on immigration and securing the southern border in decades it was killed by one phone call from Donald Trump to Mike Johnson. The reason? Donald Trump would not have a platform to run on if it was passed. I find this extremely offensive as should all Americans.

Doug Brand

Fort Dodge


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