Safety matters

To the editor:

Fort Dodge’s latest “Case for Eight” is just what is needed for our community.

Eight additional police officers is the number needed to strengthen the Fort Dodge Police Department, allowing for increased public safety.

I personally question the funding source of the franchise fee and just where the money was going to go if it was more than the amount needed for the eight additional police. What I discovered is that the fee will pay for eight police officers and the rest will mostly be used to pay down city debt, besides some payment for Citizens Central and Karl King Band which we are already funding.

I am willing to make this investment (by increasing modestly my utility bill) for the good of Fort Dodge.

I also wish to thank the Fort Dodge Police Department and the Fort Dodge Fire Department for what I believe do exceptionally good work.

We hope we don’t need either department, but know when we do, we’ll get real professionals to help us in our time of need.

Jim Kesterson

Fort Dodge


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