Wants action on bullying

To the Editor:

From reading the account of the Perry shooting in the newspaper, I’m wondering when are school administrators going to get a handle on bullying, which is a constant in absolutely every school. It is prevalent at all grade levels, and happens here in Fort Dodge, whether it’s a private religious school like Saint Edmond or the public schools.

It’s not that difficult to control and I simply don’t understand school administrations who look the other way continuously. It harms students, both the bully and the bullied. It happens worldwide, even King Charles was bullied as a child.

I invite local parents of Fort Dodge students who are being bullied to contact the administrators of their school and require something be done about it. If you do complain, it’s likely nothing will be done, but there is a slim chance.

If this is not controlled, the bullies will continue their actions through adult life and make their future family miserable and the bullied people will have lifelong difficulty with self-confidence.

So, I am asking, why is this issue left unattended when so many people are miserably affected by it? Could the issue for private schools be money and students withdrawing after being reprimanded?

Marjorie Franks

Fort Dodge


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