Twin Lakes landowners seek support

To the editor,

You may have seen some recent articles or social media posts about a Twin Lakes land dispute, and you should know what is happening to us and the other 30 property owners who purchased their property at Twin Lakes in good faith.

We have owned there for 21 years and many of the other owners have lived there much longer. For the past five years, the Calhoun County Board of Supervisors has been trying to gain control of our property at Twin Lakes. They have harassed us with all kinds of threats and ridiculous options. So far, the county has spent over $67,000 of our tax dollars to fight us homeowners, who can show proven ownership since 1855. We homeowners have tried to communicate, but have not received a response. We have all worked hard to improve our properties and have paid our taxes to the county, just so that they can use our money to fight us. We have already spent thousands of dollars ourselves on a lawyer to keep the county at bay.

It is very easy to hear about this and do nothing because it is not your fight. When someone comes after your neighbors unprovoked, it could just as easily be you next time. Please help us stand up for what is right.

There is an online petition that has been started to help raise awareness and potentially get a public meeting. To sign it, email tlconcernedlandowner@gmail.com for the link, and you can play a vital role in demanding some answers from our Calhoun County elected officials. We need to stand up for ourselves and protect not only our property, but also our tax dollars.

Mike and Allison McBride

Fort Dodge


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