Has questions about sports pavilion

To the editor:

How many people in Webster County play pickleball or basketball? Don’t we have two high schools that already have four basketball courts? One even has a swimming pool that we all own with tax money.

Here’s my idea for a new plaza. How about a track completely indoors for everyone to walk on all year long since mall has closed? Several friends have no where to walk, especially in the winter months. In the center two basketball courts with retractable baskets to play hand ball or tennis. How about a batting cage for all baseball players? Two pickleball courts that convert to tennis courts.

Finally, how about covering the existing swimming pool so it can be used year round? Our new $30 million junior high is in walking distance to existing pool.

I just remembered golfers. How about a small driving range to practice on?

Are we going to be charged to use this plaza facility? Will it be open 24 hours? Will it be insured and have 24 hour security?

James Peterson



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