Seeks help for museum move

To the editor:

On behalf of the board of directors and Phyllis Stewart, a big thank you for the write-up The Messenger and staff did on the Webster County Museum.

A lot of work still is ahead of those concerned with getting all the items moved to Fort Dodge. Asking businesses and clubs who give monies to charities to please put the museum on their lists for 2023.

Also need help with packing and marking the boxes for the trip to the new home in Fort Dodge. We need to get these items moved so the Webster County Museum and all the historical items will be moved and opened to the public as soon as possible. Trucks and drivers are needed also. Please help anyway you can.

If you can help pack the items please call 972-4804 for more information.

We need to keep history alive.

Jeanette Balint

Fort Dodge


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