Wants voters to wake up, think about 2024

To the editor:

Am I woke? Why, yes I am. I’m wide awake and alert to racial prejudice and discrimination. My question is, why isn’t everyone?

Oh, that’s right, Iowans tend to bury their heads in the sand. Does it take a wake up call? A Chinese weather balloon invades our airspace and next thing you know three more objects are shot down. One person is caught illegally holding classified documents, then two more are found also. Well Iowa, here’s your wake up. Money doesn’t trickle down. Once the rich get their hands on it, they clutch it very tightly.

One thing that does trickle down is consequences. Every law that’s passed could affect you someday. What if your 10-year-old daughter gets raped by an escaped murderer? If she’s going to have a baby do you like no exceptions then? Besides abortion bans, Iowans have voted in a Republican legislature that wants to restrict your vote. They don’t want to hear from the little guy with your vote. They only listen to rich donors who have an agenda.

America has sobered up some, but Iowa still has a hangover from the orange Kool Aid of lies, disinformation and conspiracy theories.

A conspiracy is to join together to do an unlawful act in secret. A theory is an unproven assumption. We all know who the orange leader is of a certain political party who condones these abominations.

The nation is leaning one way, but Iowa goes another. Start thinking now how you’re going to vote in 2024. Do you want democracy or a wasteland?

Dave Haynes



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