Supports Austin Hayek for supervisor

To the editor:

I encourage The Messenger area to support Austin Hayek and his run for Wester County supervisor.

I have known Austin for a few years and I am grateful that he has stepped up to run for supervisor. One of my favorite lines that I have heard is , “Whatever has given you joy in life, give back to those things.” Austin comes to mind when I think about this line and look at his resume. He has a proven heart for public service and it shows with the following:

He spent six years as a Fort Dodge police officer.

He has served on the Community Christian School board for two years. CCS is the same school that he attended for a while himself.

He is a health and safety professional.

He has served his family and community in various ways through his work on his family farm.

These are just a few things that stick out with his resume.

As I have gotten to know him personally, I am impressed with his fearless attitude. He is not afraid to ask tough questions and demand the best from those in leadership. Instead of complaining about issues, he shows that he is willing to put in the work himself to fix what needs attention. Lastly, I have enjoyed watching his work ethic on the campaign trail. Observing how a candidate runs a campaign will show the voter how hard that candidate will work in office. Austin has been to every possible parade, knocked on every door in his district, and has been very careful with his campaign funds. I believe he will continue with this same work ethic and stewardship attitude once elected.

For these reasons, I fully support Austin, and I believe you should to. Webster County will continue to move in the right direction by electing Austin Hayek this November.

State Sen. Jesse Green



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