Opposes abortion

To the editor:

If a doctor has a patient in his office that was not born in the United States, but they need a blood transfusion or else they will die, does the doctor have a moral, legal obligation to find access for that? What if a patient needs laser vascular surgery, which is more expensive, and they were not born in the United States, does the doctor have an obligation to treat them? What if the patient needed even more expensive heart surgery and they were not born in the United States, does the doctor have a legal and moral obligation to operate? Hopefully you answered that a patient is a person and is entitled to respect and allowed to be treated. These are all real patients, but the reason they weren’t born in the United States is because they were not born yet. If they are a patient, they are a person and if they are a person then they deserve protection. Blood transfusions have been provided to babies in the womb as early as 18 weeks gestation. The transfusions are done because at the moment of conception, the baby is a whole different person from the mom. The mom and the baby can have different blood types and might have different gender inside the womb. This is fact and scientifically proven.

Abortion is not a health care decision to be made by a woman and her physician. Being pregnant is not an illness and there are medical procedures to support the life of the mother and child. Inside the womb is not a blob of tissue, but a fetus, which is a Latin word meaning unborn child. We now know that at the moment of conception all DNA is present that will determine everything about the unique human being that is growing inside the womb. Everything from the sex of the baby to the color if its eyes and hair is already in the “blueprint” of the developing child. We know that a baby’s heart begins to beat around the fourth week after fertilization and brain activity can be detected around six weeks. At 12 weeks a preborn child can feel pain and try unsuccessfully to avoid the abortionists tools. These are scientific facts. Thus, abortion is terminating the life of a baby. Why would the mother want to sacrifice her child? Usually moms are willing to give up their lives for their child. We love them both. There is help and support for the mother and baby. There are resources available in Webster County for testing, for providing needs of the baby, and for the needs of the mother. There is also support for mothers and fathers who are dealing with their past decisions that they regret.

A country that does not respect the most vulnerable in its society will fall. The most dangerous place to be in the United States is in the womb. Over 63 million babies have been aborted with about one million each year. I cannot think of anything more important than the life of an innocent child. What is important to you? I support Gov. Reynolds for standing up for the rights of those who cannot speak for themselves.

Marianne Kesten

Fort Dodge


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