Wants better care for homeless veterans

To the editor:

As I reflect on the past Memorial Day, as a daughter, sister, and wife of veterans, who proudly served our country, what I don’t understand is this. We have veterans living under bridges, or in squalor, in filth in a corner of a city street. In need of food, water, medicine, and physical or mental help. Yet we are able to provide food, clean beds, medical aid and comfort to thousands and thousands of illegal aliens. Some have paid their life savings, others are gangs, bringing fentanyl, guns, crime and disease. They are all illegal. When Mrs Biden was asked if they would go to Uvalde, Texas to comfort those in their great loss, she replied “of course.” However, our president has never been to our border in Texas to support our country and our border patrols, who are exhausted and overwhelmed.

Carolyn Mulholland

Fort Dodge


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