Wants all CO2 sequestered

To the editor:

Thousands of miles of pipeline that’s planned that’s going to make Iowa the pipeline state. What would it be if Iowa was called the pipeline state and thousands of acres of trees had to be destroyed and many buildings destroyed/removed to make way for the 50-foot right-of-way?

There should be stricter rules on this pipeline business. I make a rule that they have to be required to collect both the CO2 from producing the ethanol and all the CO2 from consumers consuming, burning the ethanol. Collecting and sequestering all the CO2 from everyone that uses ethanol might be a major engineering feat, but it should be required before the pipeline is allowed. All the CO2 from both ethanol production and consumption or no pipeline.

You might laugh at it, but we all need a good laugh sometimes. But it’s true no matter how laughable, make the pipeline people put all the CO2 away. All the CO2 or no pipeline.

I heard that some years ago that the companies GPS’d out these pipeline routes so they were already set in stone. The government had some kind of big tax credit for storing CO2 and it doesn’t seem to make sense.

Charlene Adams

Fort Dodge


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