To restrict voting is to obstruct democracy

To the editor:

I’m sure you’ve heard two heads are better than one. Have you worked on a car and someone walks up and says, ‘Hey there’s a wire off or a hose? Have you done a jigsaw puzzle and have someone walk up and put a piece in that you spent an hour looking for? It’s called fresh eyes.

On TV, Dr. House uses a team of doctors to give more input. I’ve heard Mayo Clinic does that and they are ranked No.1 in the nation. If we really cared about curing people why don’t all hospitals work that way? A good doctor treats the disease, a great doctor treats the patient. If more is better wouldn’t it follow that more voters would come to a better conclusion? To restrict voting is to obstruct democracy. If we lose democracy then one autocrat makes all the decisions and rules. One person’s whims and desires control all our lives. Is that what you want because it will hang in the balance this year. So VOTE and don’t let them stop you and you know who they are, don’t you.

Dave Haynes



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