Grateful for Rep. Ann Meyer

To the editor:

Iowans with chronic conditions who rely on regular medications should be grateful for state Rep. Ann Meyer’s leadership as chair of the House Human Resources Committee on critical lifesaving legislation.

Last session she helped usher House File 656, Nonmedical Switching legislation, through her committee standing up to insurance companies who have a practice of changing coverage of prescriptions solely based on cost. These recommendations come from their pharmacy benefit managers who receive kickbacks for changing medications of the formulary, many of which are not cheaper for the patient. This may come as no surprise, but nonmedical switching can become a life-or-death situation for those living with a chronic illness.

While nonmedical switching impacts all Iowans, it disproportionately impacts individuals with mental health conditions. Many depend on mental health medications in order to live, work, and maintain healthy relationships successfully.

We all know decisions about the medication one takes should remain between you and your health care provider – not insurance companies. If passed, House File 656 would require health insurance providers to continue coverage of an individual’s medication if they are stable on their treatment. We applaud Rep. Meyer’s work on this important health care legislation and hope she can work with her colleagues in the Senate to get this legislation passed during the 2022 session.

Aaron McHone

NAMI of Iowa board member


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