Wonders when COVID-19 will end

To the editor:

When is the COVID-19 virus going to end? When the 67 million ignorant people get vaccinated? When they lose a child, wife, husband or best friend? So far 540 U.S. children have died and 720,000 people since it started. (Editor’s note: 734,000 deaths in the U.S. have been attributed to COVID-19.)

Only the survivors can answer these questions. How many would be here today if they would have gotten their shots? The virus bug doesn’t care, but you should by now. And like I said before, regardless of your religion and praying, God cannot stop you from getting the virus unless vaccinated. People are not too smart, standing on the streets protesting against getting the shots and dying a few weeks later, but won’t stand in line to get their shots to save their life or others. We have two enemies: the virus bug and the people who rather die first after spreading it to many people.

Merlin Fort

Dakota City


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