Says Grassley is an embarrassment

To the editor:

Iowa’s senior Senator, Chuck Grassley, is an embarrassment to Iowans who stand for honesty, who have a strong moral compass, who respect all people and who honor the Constitution.

The man Grassley stood with on the stage in Des Moines, on Oct. 9, defiles all those standards with no regrets or apologies.

Grassley has mildly criticized Trump in the past, but now that he is running for the Senate again, he has found merit in Trump’s actions taken in regard to the Presidential Election. Grassley has actually praised Trump for the way he has reacted to his loss and thinks his lying and misrepresentation of the facts is entirely reasonable, including the attack on the capital.

Grassley wants the votes Trump controls so badly that he is willing to do and say anything to get them, even if it means staining his honor, which it has.

It was so painful to see Grassley and other Republicans, including our governor, defiling themselves by pandering to this disgusting person.

Grassley says he is being smart to grovel at Trump’s feet. I find it loathsome. Let me paraphrase words from the past, “Senator, have you no shame?”

Joseph J. Jackson

Fort Dodge


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