Offers bet on speed enforcement

To the editor:

This is my response to the view of Rick Morain of Sept. 29, 2021.

I read with interest his experience with automobile drivers violating speed laws while driving in Mass., New York and Pennsylvania.

Well, I regularly drive from my home at Twin Lakes to Fort Dodge and I would like to make a bet with anyone who chooses. We will drive from Twin Lakes to Fort Dodge by any route the other chooses – Highway 7, Highway 20, old Highway 20 or the correction road – at three miles over the posted speed limit. I will pay $100 for every vehicle we pass and the other will pay me $100 for every vehicle that passes us. Furthermore, I will pay $200 for every law enforcement officer that is working the speed limit law.

I promise you, I will greatly enhance my retirement income.

Harv Helgeland

Rockwell City


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