Endorses Schuur for City Council

To the editor:

To voting citizens of Fort Dodge.

I am writing to request you re-elect Lydia Schuur on Nov. 2. Lydia has served the citizens of Fort Dodge as councilwoman at large for the last four years. During those four years Lydia has fulfilled her campaign promises. Lydia got into city office to help make our town a place her children and your’s would be proud to call home. Where they would want to stay, work and play and raise their children in. Lydia also promised to listen to the people of Fort Dodge, to consider their opinions and ideas before making any decision that effects them. In my option Lydia has met these promises. Lydia has voted for positive improvements to our city as well as made herself available to listen to the people she serves. She listens, researches and then makes her decision. This is the type of representation I want in a council person.

Please continue to move Fort Dodge forward.

Re-elect Lydia Schuur.

Susan Hayden

Fort Dodge


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