End of a war is always messy

To the editor:

Every war we’ve ever been in, leaving is always a fiasco. World War II we left Europe bombed apart and Russia took the biggest share of eastern Europe and split Berlin for years.

Korea who actually won? No one wins and promising young people die.

Vietnam, the North Vietnamese were in Saigon with tanks ready to roll on the last Americans there. We got out who we could and tried to save as many lives as we could. Every war we ever fought there’s never a clear cut ending. Did you remember all those Hueys being pushed off the aircraft carriers we were trying to get as many out as we could. I would almost bet there were Democrats and Republicans in power when those wars came to an end. Don’t throw rotten eggs and tomatoes from the sidelines unless you’re ready to get off your duff and make things better.

Our last leader who thought COVID would just disappear – it’s not disappearing. Ask all those really sharp governors all over the U.S.A. that aren’t taking this pandemic seriously. Like Texas, Florida and Iowa. Wow. Lot of blood on those folks’ hands too. The numbers just keep on adding up.

Neal L. Anderson

Fort Dodge


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