Let’s move forward together, not backward

To the editor:

As a Christian, veteran and always an independent voter, things have to change. Here we are not long after the 20th anniversary of 9/11 and so many family members are still waiting for answers and closure.

In my 80 years, dad had always said you are a member of a Gold Star family. The government has got their fingers into many things. As my dad’s only brother and younger went from graduation to enlist. It saved my dad from being drafted as his number was right at the top when I was 2 years old.

As years went by I got married, got drafted at 26. I served two years, one of those going to Vietnam on my 27th birthday. In 2011, same year after 9/11, I lost my nephew from northern Iowa in Afghanistan on a nationwide story. He was a Navy Seal from Seal Team 6. A Huey helicopter was shot down on a mission to save Army Special Forces who were pinned down. Over 30 personnel, including 21 other Navy Seal comrades went down. This put me into the Gold Star family for the second time.

I feel I should never have been drafted, lost a nephew and went through the news of 9/11 as most of us did. Don’t feel that I am bitter as I am mighty proud to have served and thank God daily I got back safe, but so many did not get back.

Now in 2021 this current administration has stepped up which everyone had the same opportunities to do for the past 30 years. Each year has turned into more hate, arguments, military conflicts and less going over party lines and working together. The worldwide COVID has not helped but the slogan has been “we are all in this together.” Let’s all follow the rules — get the free vaccinations and back our president. Don’t know when that man is getting any sleep as it appears he is working seven day weeks and holidays. He had started getting vaccines ordered before he took office, visiting medical people, military, fires, hurricanes, getting our women and men out of Afghanistan plus everything else.

Things had been getting worse and our former president who is a few years younger than I but grew up through the same years as I. When he decided to run he researched which would be best for him to win. He finally decided on the party he did. Our police and security people’s lives had been getting worse. Our court systems are two years behind as it seems like they for years have let them pass with time and will not turn out as bad. If we could do these court cases while it’s fresh in people’s minds instead of sweeping it under the rug for a couple years. Medical people are burned out. School budgets have had to cut way back and dropping many classes, churches had to close and are trying hard to get their members back.

I will never change my voting as I always vote for the best woman or man. So the next election may eliminate some who are lifelong to their party probably will not get my vote unless they decide to work together.

John Jacobs



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