Advocates for others to get vaccinated

To the editor:

Recently it was a day of celebration for me and thousands of others when I got my second shot for the virus on May 18, knowing from now on we won’t give this virus to someone we love. After the shot I got the sore arm, but that’s nothing compared to getting the virus and being flat on your back laying in a hospital, looking at four walls with tubes up your nostrils hooked up to a ventilator 24/7. It happened to two friends of mine. Then they told me the horror stories of what it was like. No visitors all that time besides being so sick. Just about as bad as a death bed, both of them wished they could die and still have after effects, maybe the rest of their lives. For some there is no end.

So I hope this one letter to the editor gets printed to save lives. The sooner the better. Your paper has the power and I have the time to write to do what I can do to prevent such unnecessary tragedy. So all of you people do not hesitate (to get vaccinated), the virus won’t.

Merlin Fort

Dakota City


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